What Is Journal Hosting?

Journal hosting is an interactive platform for content authors across the web to publish content and educate people on different subjects as well as bringing new and emerging information into the limelight for the wider online community. Originally journal hosting started out life as a private blog which could only be seen by a select few people. However as the number of users has began to increase we have made journal hosting accessible to everyone!

One of the unique features about our website is we encourage guest posts! if you would like to take part in the blog publishing on our website and feel you could contribute something then please do contact us.

What Was The Idea Behind Journal Hosting ?

There were a number of different ideas that led to the overall development of journal hosting. One of the main drivers of the site has been the creator Phil. Phil originally worked in copyrighting in an insurance firm but now works full time blogging as well as working in IT support.

His vision for the journal hosting website from day 1 has been to create an open and interactive platform that a variety of different people can use for a source of information. Journal hosting started its humble beginnings with just a few users a month in double figures. Now it averages into the hundreds and we keep growing day by day adding more information and knowledge for the site.

What Makes Journal Hosting Unique?

There are a variety of different factors that make journal hosting unique overall. One of the main ways we set ourselves apart from other sites is our content. Our content is unique and comes from a number of different sources. We strive to give our users the best and most accurate information we can.

Some websites don’t fact check they information they publish online and may also copy others content. We don’t agree with this practice and to our upmost to ensure our content is unique and on-topic.

Another unique factor that sets journal hosting apart from other hosting websites is who publishes the articles. Not all the content comes from Phil. We have a variety of different editors and authors that post on our site and share content with the wider journal hosting community.

How Does Journal Hosting Stay Relevant?

  • We listen to our site visitors and take on any feedback we receive
  • The content we publish is fact checked and edited to ensure it is important information and relevant
  • We take inspiration from blogs and online articles
  • The site is updated regularly to keep the overall theme fresh and appealing to our audience
  • We use relevant and accurate sources

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