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Damp proofing is an important process which requires time and dedication in order to be done effectively. DIY damp proofing is possible but it is far better to source the services of an expert in property repair and modification to undertake this work. Here is my experience with damp proofing and what I found out about the process.

Damp proofing

Damp In The Home

So a couple of months ago I noticed that my house felt a bit stuffy and damp on the inside. This was due to the air being humid as well as some smells developing near the walls and corners of the property. After an initial deep clean I found that the issue was still very much prevalent within the home.

The next step that I decided I was going to take to address this issue was contacting property repair specialists to see how I could get this issue sorted out. Intially after recommendations I settled upon a company which was rated very highly offline as well as by my peers.

I found that one of the best indicators that I knew I was in good hands was the fact that my enquiry was handled quickly and I received a call back in order to discuss the process.

They informed me that the damp in the home could pose a wider risk if it begins to spread and form mould (which it already had) therefore my next steps were to book an appointment with them to inspect the damp and get a quote for the work undertaken.

Damp proofing

Tackling The Damp

The property repair specialists used a number of skilled techniques in order to get rid of the damp from my home. It was quite well established so did take a few hours in order for it to be eliminated.

However , as a result of this there were a number of important lessons which I was able to learn. One of the most important things that I noted was that the damp had come about due to poor ventilation within the property as well as condensation as a result of poor heating throughout the property.

Therefore I decided to take notes based upon what the property repair specialists were advising. One of the most important points that they made was that I needed to improve the ventilation in the property. There are a number of different ways through which this can be normally done. I chose to purchase an air-dehumidifier and purifier.

This device is going to be used in the near future to prevent my property becoming too humid or damp. In addition to this , the property repair crew also recommended further damp proofing of the property which I agreed on. My property is now fully secured from damp for many years to come and I am very happy with the overall results so far. If you are considering damp proofing then I would highly rate and recommend calling in professionals in order to undertake the work on your property.

Damp proofing

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