Review of the Leading Hand Truck Trolley Supplier in the UK


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Anyone working out with the warehouse and heavy loading industries, might not be fully aware of the importance of the use of proper equipment when lifting and transferring heavy loads. This is understandable as you likely don’t have much experience lifting heavy loads. However, an injury is extremely likely in work environments such as warehouses, loading docks, shipbuilding sites, steelworks, oil and mining. Of course, we rely on all of these occupations for the proper functioning of modern day life. Therefore, it is why it is important we continuously evaluate the main players in the supply and manufacture of heavy lifting equipment, to ensure that the employees of the heavy industries are well protected and assisted in their duties.  Below is a review of the hand truck trolley supplied by LLM Handling Ltd.

Man squats beside a hand truck trolley as he lifts a heavy toolbox from it

What is a hand truck trolley?

A hand truck trolley helps manoeuvre and relocate goods within a working environment. It is essentially a platform with four wheels and an end panel with secure handle for holding, pushing and pulling. A heavy duty hand truck trolley helps its operators avoid potential injuries that could be sustained from trying to carry objects that are too heavy or too large. It also helps to protect the goods that are being manoeuvred from damages.

Hand Truck Trolley by LLM Handling

LLM Handling is one of the UK’s leading independent supplier of handling equipment. This company supplies the heavy industries throughout the UK and Europe. The LLM hand truck trolley can carry a load of up to500kg. The platform is constructed with a steel frame and styles with a single veneer end. There are two fixed and two swivel brackets which are steel centred and covered in 200mm of rubber, which makes the trolley easy to manoeuvre. What’s great about this product is it comes in two sizes: 1000x700mm and 1200 x 800mm.

LLM Hand Truck Trolley with blue frame and veneer panels.

What is the Hand Truck Trolley Used For?

Hand truck trollies are fantastic for transport goods such as heavy boxes or loads that are of an irregular size and shape. The open-ended feature is a reliable solution for transferring long objects which would not git into a closed off trolley. Importantly, though, the single veneer panel can be used to lean goods against and also prevent loads from falling off the platform near the swivel castor wheels.

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