Learn The Real Story Behind Our Scottish 30 Year Old Whisky


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Learn The Real Story Behind Our Scottish 30 Year Old Whisky

Scottish whisky is growing increasingly popular among investors and connoisseurs alike. From the 8 year old whisky to the 30 year old whisky, there is so much variation between bottlings and distilleries. Whisky has such rich and winding history throughout the ages within both Scotland and Ireland. The origin of the valuable spirit is debated intensely. Today we wanted to look at the story behind Scottish whisky. We look at how we go from peat in the bogs of Islay to a deep and flavourful 30 year old whisky.

Read on and find out more about traditional, Scottish 30 year old whisky.

Traditional Scottish Whisky

Whisky has been produced in Scotland and Ireland for hundreds of years. The first written recording of whisky in Scotland dates back to 1494 when whisky was mentioned in the Exchequer Rolls. This is the first time that there is a written proof of whisky being created. However, it is likely that whisky was being distilled long before this. It has survived through the prohibition era, and has been distilled both illegally and legally throughout Scotland and beyond. The methods of creating whisky have not changed much at all over all of these years.

Different bottles of 30 year old whisky with different tones and flavours.

Creating 30 Year Old Whisky

The process of creating a 30 year old whisky is long and has various different stages involved. From the primary malting and fermentation to the distillation of alcohol, it is complicated. It takes a master’s hand to create the perfect whisky. The maturation process is said to be the most important stage in the process of creating a 30 year old whisky. This is because it is at this stage that the depth of flavour truly comes into its own. The whisky takes much of its flavour not only from the malt and peat used but also from the oak casks in which it is matured. The longer it is matured, the more flavour it will intake. By law, every Scottish whisky must be matured for 3 years. A 30 year old whisky is much stronger, rich and flavourful than one which has been matured for the legal minimum.

Investing In Rare Whisky

The fact that whisky has been around for hundreds of years and has a great history makes it collectable, to begin with. When you add rare whiskies into the mix they become extremely desirable for collectors and investors. When a whisky bottling has become very scarce and a bottle still exists in mint condition, it can be worth thousands of pounds. This is particularly the case when the distillery has closed or stopped bottling specific whiskies. The whisky investment market is now huge. You will be able to find a range of bottle of 30 year old whisky both online and at auction that will fetch a fair penny.

Man admiring a bottle of Kilchoman 30 year old whisky.

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