Family Day Trips in Glasgow: What to Do in Glasgow for the Day

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There are many activities to do in Glasgow throughout the day from going tours to famous buildings, museums and site seeing, as well as shopping for beauty therapy trips. There is plenty of things to do in Glasgow for people of all ages, friends and family.

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Museums trips in Glasgow for children


When it is sunny there are many places to take children. Places ranging from parks and museums. One of the most popular museums in Glasgow is the Kelvin Grove art gallery where there are many activities for young people to be part of and participate in. It is also a great way for children to learn different parts of history and see many different exhibits ranging from stuffed animals to dinosaur fossils and many more. There is also a gift shop where they can buy things for themselves as a treat or as a gift to their other friends and family. After the museum, it is also good that there is a Kelvin grove park for children to play in.

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Playpark trips in Glasgow


There are many parks for children to go to such as the Glasgow green where there are many fun activities for children to do such as climb up frames, slide down chutes and also swing to play on, not to mention the park is also full of sand for children to play with and use the sand toys. There are also other parks such Drumpellier, Hogganfield and Auchinlea park where children can play in the park or feed the animals such as ducks and swans.


Petting zoo trips in Glasgow


Petting zoos are also a great day trip for children as they get to feed and hold some of the animals. This is a great way for children to be able to get to learn about different animals and what they look like as well as feel like. The Safari park is a great place to take children as they can see all the different animals and they can also feed them as well as take part in different activities across the park.

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