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When visiting London, tourists usually have a million questions about the city. Some of them are ridiculous, but many are relatively easy to answer. We have gathered some of the most common questions and are going to answer these for you today. If you have any other questions regarding London then feel free to get in touch! We promise nothing is too out of the ordinary.

Read on and have all of your questions about London answered today.

How does the public bikes system work?

The public bike system can seem complicated to visitors. You can hire a bike for 24hrs for relatively cheap, only £2. However, you need to remember that it is necessary to return the bike to a docking station every thirty minutes. You can grab another one if it’s free and you need to go further. If you don’t return it, you’ll pay another £2 for every 30 minutes you use the bike. Download the app so you can tell where there are bikes or docking station spaces available.

Where are the best venues for music in London?

It honestly depends on what you would like to see. For massive, pop star-style concerts, find out what is going on at either Wembley Stadium or The O2 Arena. An iconic venue to visit is also The Royal Albert Hall, which is regularly featured on television. For more intimate venues you can try Wilton’s, Roundhouse, and also Alexander Palace.

Does the Queen live in London?

Mainly, yes. Buckingham Palace is situated near the centre of the city and is one of the Queen’s official residences. However, Windsor Castle is in the English county of Berkshire.  Check out the different royal residences so that you are not disappointed when you arrive.

Where can I find the street on The Beatles’ album?

The street in question is called Abbey Road and it is located in a normal suburb outside of the centre on London. You can get here by the London Underground if you get off at St. John’s Wood. Try and be respectful of the residents in this particular area as trying to recreate the famous image can be frustrating for local drivers and pedestrians.


Any advice for using the London Underground?

Our best advice is to try and avoid using the London Underground if you have a large amount of luggage. Taxis are generally not that expensive, and there are many buses in and around the city. If you are going to use the Underground a lot then it is best to try and avoid peak times. This is often around rush hours, such as between 8am and 9.30am or between 4.30pm and 7pm. Make sure you stand on the right on all escalators!

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