Instagram Bot Can Grow Your Organic Following


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Instagram bot brings to mind connotations of spam, hacking and general foul play.  However, you might be surprised to hear that, while it is not exactly a fully transparent way of growing your social media connections, it is not a black art either.

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Instagram Bot To Reach More People Faster

The only way to get a larger following on social media sites is to engage with other users, whether it is through comments, likes, views or follows.  Sometimes you can spend hours looking at other peoples content and liking their posts, only to receive nothing in return, so it becomes an inefficient use of your time.  No one can spend all day going through accounts and posts in an attempt to get some Instagram love in return, which is why automation software was created by means of an Instagram bot.

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Business Tool Of The Future?

This becomes and incredibly useful tool for businesses, where time is money.  They can set the Instagram bot up and not worry about spending the many hours scrolling that is needed to up their followers.  Personal users can benefit aswell, as they may just want to give the number of followers they have a little boost.  These bots are not new, however they way they control account functions is becoming increasingly smarter with new methods being employed all the time.


Not Every Instagram Bot Is Created Equally

However, there are some issues with using these automated Instagram tools.  These problems all depend on how the automation software works and how it engages on the platform.  Some types of software might like pictures or even leave generic comments of other users posts, usually based on a target hashtag.  This can lead to comments appearing on inappropriate posts and awkward scenarios arising.  The comments are also of a very generic fashion, so it is hard to really engage with the other users this way.  Repetitive commenting may also flag on Instagram as spam or automation and get the account compromised. 

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Clogging Up Instagram

Other issues can arise if the automation software is managing the users followed accounts.  If the software ends up following a lot of business accounts for example, these accounts may post several times a day, and these posts will end up cluttering up your feed.  Obviously this is not a problem if the person using the bot is also running a business account, but a recreational user may find themselves scrolling past tons of posts that they aren’t very interested in. 

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Careful Automation

Now we come to perhaps the main issue that these types of software face, and that is the fact that they tend to violate the platforms terms of use.  These guidelines state that you cannot access API by any other means other than those set out by Instagram.  They also have hourly limits on activity, and if you have a bot that is highly active and liking hundreds of posts every hour, Instagram will see this as suspicious.  It is important then to select a bot that does not overdo any actions and to select the type of functions it does carefully. 

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