Lip Fillers In Glasgow And London: Everything You Might Need To Know


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A rise in the popularity of reality TV stars has resulted in an increase in the number of people signing up to receive lip fillers. However, what are they? Should you get them done? These are the questions we are going to try and help you answer in our article today. Any sort of cosmetic surgery is a big choice, so make sure you’ve found a reputable cosmetic surgeon in either Glasgow or London to carry out the procedure. You should be totally sure of what you want before it happens.

Find out now if lip fillers are for you.

What are lip fillers made of?

Lip fillers are either made of collagen or hyaluronic acid. Most cosmetic surgeons nowadays use hyaluronic acid. This is because collagen can result in an allergic reaction about 1-3% of the time. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, works by trapping water within the lips, for a more natural look. Collagen solely plumps up the lips itself and reduces fine lines that way.

Lip Fillers

Does it hurt getting lip fillers?

Fillers can hurt. Both the injection and the swelling can be quite sore. However, cosmetic clinics will apply either a numbing cream or a dental block to reduce the pain. This should make you far more comfortable. After the treatment, there may be bruising and swelling on top of the numb pain. It is recommended that you take arnica tablets and hold an ice pack on your lips for a few minutes.

How much do lip fillers cost?

Lip fillers can be pricey. Just another reason why you should be absolutely sure of your decision. Most clinics that provide lip fillers start their prices at around £200 per ml of the hyaluronic acid. It is not recommended to visit cheaper places as they may scrimp on quality too.

How long do they last?

It is recommended that you top up your treatment every 4 to 6 months. It’s important to know that the change isn’t instant. If you have very thin lips, you will not look like Kylie Jenner overnight. You will need multiple treatments until your lips start to retain the plumpness for longer periods of time with a natural look.


Should I get lip fillers?

Whether you should or not is up to you. People get lip fillers for many different reasons. Some smokers develop fine lines around their mouths and lip fillers can help with this. Some people just do it for a needed confidence boost. Whatever the reason, if you want to do it, do it. Find a reputable clinic like Dr Darren McKeown and rest assured you will get the fantastic treatment you deserve. He has fantastic clinics in both Glasgow and London so he is well worth a visit.

Lip Fillers

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