Review of One of the Top London Haunts: Ledbury Restaurant


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The Ledbury stands proud as the fourteenth best restaurant across the globe and comes first in terms of restaurants in the whole of the UK. It has been voted as the best restaurant in the UK multiple times and also has two Michelin stars to its name. Ledbury started to pave their way to being the best ever since their opening in 2005. Its first Michelin star was awarded to them in 2006 and they nabbed another in 2010.

Pricing at the Ledbury Restaurant

In terms of pricing, there are various options available with the a la carte menu for four courses priced at £125. There is also a set lunch available at £80 and the tasting menu that will set you back £150. The average bill you can expect to pay is £165 including a bottle of wine.

Dinner tables with fresh flowers and folded napkin at Ledbury Restaurant

Food and Drink

When it comes to French cuisine, the Ledbury gets it spot on each time and keeps diners coming back for more with their wide variety of dishes. The scallops and smoked duck are prominent winners for any diner. The hen of the forest is a standout dish that people flock to and is recommended to anyone who is coming in for the first time. The rhubarb buttermilk with shortbread is light and serves as a pre-dessert while is also being a great break between courses. If you do choose to go with the set lunch, it should be noted that this menu is available from Wednesday to Friday only. Whipped Ewe’s Milk Yoghurt and Sorbet on the set lunch menu is another winner. Overall, the food definitely looks too good to eat and has a refined look to it like the rest of the restaurant. Even with the challenging dishes and high ranking on an international list, Ledbury still has a local feel to it and you do leave feeling quite at home.

Waiter pouring cocktails at Ledbury Restaurant

Service and Staff

Brett Graham is the head chef and works alongside Greg Austin making new dishes every season. The down-to-earth vibe from the restaurant clearly comes from the staff that who are attentive to every detail. Brett started his cooking career at 15 back home in Australia at a fish restaurant and brings that simplicity into a fine dining setting which makes for a comfortable meal. Overall, service is relaxed and you get a taste of the most creative and original food the UK has to offer. It makes perfect sense why it is one of the hardest reservation to make in London.


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