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Do you often put off going to the dentist because you feel nervous or scared? This is a perfectly common thing that most Glasgow dentists will be able to deal with. However, not all Glasgow dentists are trained and experienced in dealing with patients who have dental anxiety or a phobia. One such dentist is The Berkeley Clinic. Fully capable of treating patients who are extremely nervous, they also are the best clinic for cosmetic treatment. If you would like to know more about how Glasgow dentists can help with dental anxiety then this article is for you.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is fairly common. However, in some cases, it can be a hindrance to your treatment. In some cases, it even develops into a dental phobia.

This can lead to people being very scared of going to visit their dentist, or avoiding attending appointments altogether. However, there are some things that can be done to cater for nervous patients.

Glasgow Dentists

The Décor of Glasgow Dentists

In mild cases, the dental anxiety or nerves can be helped by being in a nice environment with friendly faces. Many dental clinics, especially private ones, will have reception areas that resemble a living room.

This is to help you relax and feel ‘at home’ before you have your treatment. It can help the best when people are feeling nervous and just need a space to chill out and talk to the other people in the room.

Dental Sedation

For the more extreme cases, when people have phobias or bad anxiety, dental sedation is an option. This is where the patient is conscious, but cannot feel the treatment or much else.

There are various different types of conscious sedation, including inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas), intravenous sedation (often used for longer or more difficult procedures like extractions), and oral sedation. Oral sedation is often either a tablet or fluid.  Tablets are often a diazepam or temazepam. The liquid is usually Midazolam and is often mixed with juice and drank.

There are different levels of sedation that can range from:

  • Minimal sedation
  • Moderate/Conscious sedation (the most commonly used among Glasgow dentists)
  • Deep sedation
  • General anaesthetic

Glasgow Dentists

Glasgow Dentists: The Berkeley Clinic

For a dentist that will make sure you are alright every step of the way, The Berkeley Clinic is the ideal candidate. From having a welcoming and friendly practice to using the right amount of sedation for nervous patients, they are one of the best Glasgow dentists available.

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